Idvert-your best performance partner in affiliate marketing!

Company Profile

Idvert Group Limited is a leading professional Internet marketing solution provider and technology based advertising service company in China. The company is headquartered in Changsha and Google AdWords Experience Center built in Changsha, Suzhou and Sanya. As the most powerful company with cross-border digital marketing solution in midwest of China, we possess senior oversea network operation team, sound operational processes and rich channel resources, which win years of successful experience in Facebook marketing, Google Adwords marketing and affiliate marketing. Furthermore, we provide comprehensive solutions and diverse sources for advertisers to develop better plans in new markets.


We believe that base on our 9-year experience and expertise in independent research and development of core technologies, studying of overseas Internet advertising market and construction of intelligent publishing and optimization system, we can provide a comprehensive, efficient and quality service to any company who suppose to expand global market.

Idvert also performs a new business model of leads- Cash On Delivery since the end of 2016. We have hundreds of direct offers available, targeted in Eastern Asia countries as its cheap traffic market and the most potential ecom market. We have self-owned mediabuy team to test offers and pick the best performing ones. And you need any help during running ads, we have professional optimizers to share techniques and skills with you.