Earn Money on Sweepstakes with Idvert

Earn Money on Sweepstakes with Idvert

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Pretty much every affiliate has dipped their toe in the business by running sweepstake campaigns. Being the best vertical for beginners, sweepstakes present a great balance between safety and high conversions. Whether you’re a newbie affiliate or an experienced affiliate, PICK SWEEPS!  It’s her shining time!


Offer List

  • 34311  Win iPhone 11 PRO -SOI-(All Devices)-CPA-AU
  • 33768  iPhone XS v5 AU
  • 33738  Samsung Galaxy S10 v5 AU
  • 33854  iPhone 11 Pro Color Choose V2 (1 Pager)-NZ, FR
  • 33857  iPhone 11 Pro Color Choose V2 (1 Pager)-US
  • 33862  iPhone 11 Pro Color Choose V2 (1 Pager)-IT
  • 33193  iPhone 11 v2 (Static LP) IT
  • 33187  Samsung s10 multi IT
  • 33190  Samsung Galaxy S10 v1 FR
  • 33141  iPhone 11 v2 (Static LP) FR

once you send the traffic,we provide a free spy tool(worth¥199)



Now Let’s have a deeper look at the details.
Vertical: Sweepstakes
Flow: CC – credit card data is required; SOI – fill in personal data & mail address
KPI: No special KPI
Payout: from $3 to $35
Limits: No limits
Restrictions: No incentivized traffic is allowed
BONUS: high payouts


Why is it high time to run sweepstakes?

As y’all known, sweepstakes vertical is one of the most interesting verticals in affiliate marketing. We could say it’s the Alpha and Omega of affiliate marketing, yes, I mean they are stable as rock. A lot has been going on since the A lot of verticals of this industry are still running. Not growing, not dropping. Stable . Everyone be it rich or poor wants to get things for free, that is why sweepstakes are so popular today. So, affiliate marketers can take advantage of this to earn a profit or commission from companies who need data from customers. The demand for sweepstakes is going to skyrocket!


Here are some tips for running sweeps

  • Translate the landers to the native languages of the countries where you’re running campaigns. It could increase your chances to achieve high ROI.
  • Set up conversion tracking.
  • Remember that optimization lets you blacklist low performing sources and adjust the targeting settings to get better results.


In addition to the sweeps offers that you could expect, we get the offers from the direct advertisers, our payout is 5% -10% higher than peer networks. The most important, once you send the traffic, we provide a free spy tool (worth $199)!!!

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